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Preeti Young

Preeti Young, known as one of the Young twins from Babestation, has transformed herself from a regular girl next door to a popular glamour model and live sex cams performer. Preeti Young and her twin sister, Priya, decided to pursue a career in glamour modeling in their late teens, which led them to Babestation, one of the UK’s most famous babe channels. The introduction of the twin sisters on Babestation in the summer of 2010 was a groundbreaking event, as it was something not seen before. These twins, who were strikingly beautiful and charismatic, quickly gained a massive following. The sisters gained popularity for their sensational topless performances and lively banter on the mic, becoming the first twins to appear in the babeshow industry. Preeti Young demonstrated exceptional qualities during her first month at Babestation, making her a stand out performer. Her dominant personality, wicked sense of humour, and cracking set of big tits captured the audience’s attention.

When Preeti and her twin sister Priya made their debut on Babestation at the age of 23, they were complete virgins to television and phone sex chat, with limited modelling experience. Preeti, who was previously a hairdresser, and Priya, who was a student, shared their memories of their early experiences. When asked about their initial thoughts during their first call, Priya said she felt both excited and nervous. Initially, Preeti focused on Partyland, a lesser-known Freeview channel, where she gained popularity and climbed the ranks. As a result, she was given prime spots on Babestation 1 and Babestation Xtra. Preeti’s career took an exciting turn when she started doing explicit pervcam shows around 2012. She used her sex appeal to cater to callers with various fetishes, including foot worship and bondage. Preeti’s ability to explore the fetish market and satisfy her callers’ fantasies has made her an extremely popular figure in the industry.

Preeti is of Indian / Irish origins and she has spoken candidly about the stigma attached to being a glamour model in her culture. However, as a strong, independent woman with a like minded entrepreneurial mother, Preeti and her twin sister Priya have made no apologies for their chosen careers. Preeti and her sister, Priya, have emphasised that the atmosphere on Babestation is more like a sisterhood, and there is absolutely no rivalry on the show. In fact, Preeti can be found getting naughty with other babeshow models such as Olivia Berzinc, Ashley Emma and Alice Goodwin during girl on girl cam shows.

As a trending glamour model and cam girl, Preeti has also appeared in mainstream TV shows alongside her twin sister, Priya. The sisters, who have appeared on the TV show “My Mum’s Hotter Than Me,” gained nationwide attention after the episode aired. The twins and their mother, who are each known for their glamorous lifestyle, are shown in the episode going about their daily life. It’s clear from the show that the twin’s mother supports the girls in their glamour career. Despite offers from porn companies like Brazzers and Killergram, Preeti remains rooted in her glamour career. You won’t find her on Pornhub so if fans are seeking an interactive experience with Preeti, they can contact her on Babestation or keep a look out for her upcoming shows on British sex cams.

A mainstream video interview for the short film “Hello Stranger” highlights the twins’ strength and empowerment. They have remained humble throughout their rise to fame and they try to focus on their work despite the attention they receive daily. The twins often appear on British sex cams, albeit not at the same time. However, old video clips from the babeshows, show the twin’s appearing side-by-side during the iconic 2-4-1 segments where callers were encouraged to enjoy cheap phone sex with two onscreen babes. Preeti has also been a guest on the Option One Podcast, where she discussed her personal life, dating and being compared to Kim Kardashian. Her dedication to her callers has truly solidified her spot at the top of the Babestation Tip leaderboard and earned her a loyal fanbase. Preeti Young’s journey to fame is a testament to her ambition and dedication to her viewers. Her popularity on the babe channels and nude cams industry is well-deserved, and her fanbase continues to grow.



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